Vortex was part of the Blue Pacifica programme, which also incorporated two works by dancers from the group and a choreography by guest choreographer Robert Kovich.

The fascinating solo with Oerm Matern was absolutely splendid. Starting out with minimal head and shoulder movements, the scope of movement becomes ever more rich and varied. Beautiful in terms of composition and of a crystalline clarity, despite the complexity and the high, driving pace. A small masterpiece that was magnificently performed by Oerm Matern. (NRC Handelsblad)

Vortex is a gem in the art of dance: the movement of every muscle and tendon is thought out and many kinds and layers of movement are incorporated in the dynamic, so that the dancer is caught up in the swirling rhythm. (Trouw)

Matern tears through space and makes perfect, but inimitable arm movements. A beautiful spectacle. (De Waarheid)

premiere 10 November 1988, Theater Bellevue, Amsterdam
choreography Krisztina de Châtel
dance Oerm Matern
light Ron Groen in ’t Woud
music Andrew Poppy
costume Albert Jan van der Stel
photography Jannes Linders