Vlucht (film)


The short dance film Vlucht (‘Flight’) by director and writer Wiam Al-Zabari and choreographer Krisztina de Châtel will is part of the dance film project De Wolf Danst!. Het Mediafonds, the public broadcaster NTR, Cinedans and the Netherlands Film Fund jointly initiated this interdisciplinary dance film project: a combination of an independent dance film and a high-quality artistic documentary.

Wiam Al-Zabari and Krisztina de Châtel both fled their home country in the past. In the film, a group of dancers flee from a typical Dutch village and fight their way through the forests and over the dunes to the sea. Nature proves to be an unpredictable opponent during their quest for freedom and safety.

A film about someone who dances is not necessarily a dance film. Nor is moving in a space where there happens to be a camera. A good dance film explores the intersection of choreography and cinema. Vlucht is such a good dance film. In just 12 minutes, Vlucht manages to convey something of the feeling of being displaced. (Het Parool)

premiere 18 March 2018, EYE, Amsterdam
director Wiam Al-Zabari
choreography Krisztina de Châtel