Thirteen Images From The Dark Land

Thirteen Images From The Dark Land

Working with SALLY Dansgezelschap Maastricht, Krisztina de Châtel creates a duet which centres on human contact – a first in her long career. To music by George Crumb and with live accompaniment by Ensemble 88, she explores the human soul in the physical body. Her work can be extremely sober and compelling, but can also take on dramatic forms.

Thirteen Images From The Dark Land draws a parallel with the turbulent world we live in today. The numerous allusions in this work are symbolic in nature and show the journey of the soul. Inspired by Crumb’s composition, de Châtel uses 13 images to highlight different aspects of the soul in the human body. Like the music, her dancers are at times devilish and macabre, and at times subtle and tender.

Krisztina de Châtel: “We first see Ivan Montis and Christiaan De Donder entwined, in symbiosis, then breaking free from each other. They are constantly seeking out space, but at the same time cannot be apart. One moment they are tranquil, at peace, the next they are crawling like animals, writhing around each other, touching each other and the space around them as their bodies become intensely entangled. Through 13 images, I show the intense human arc from aggression to deep tenderness.”

Powerful male duet by choreographer Kriszina de Châtel (…) They [Ivan Montis and Christiaan De Donder] draw rigid patterns through space, sometimes rolling and crawling across the floor, sometimes making a half-finished sign of the cross with their muscular arms (…) With the dancers at their side, the musicians show great boldness too. (de Volkskrant)

choreography Krisztina de Châtel
dance Ivan Montis en Christiaan De Donder
costumes Mieke Kockelkorn
lightdesign Otto Eggersgluess
photography Erwin Penners

Thirteen Images From The Dark Land is a production of dance company Project Sally Maastricht, Ensemble 88 and Festival Cultura Nova.