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Manage and support
The Imperium Foundation (stichting Imperium) has a dual objective. The foundation was established to manage Krisztian de Châtel’s complete choreographic oeuvre, but also to support innovative young dancers and choreographers financially and artistically.

In recent years De Châtel accompanied David Middendorp by the youth danceperformance Tafelen, was artistic advisor for some productions of Melissa Ellberger. In 2011 choreographer Alida Dors was, on a regular base, guest by the rehearsals of Infinite. Dors about this period:

Krisztina de Châtel is very good at conveying emotion. Her stories are abstract but compelling. It is never dull and always appeals to the imagination: the emotions are very recognizable. It took me a long time to understand exactly what I was looking at. She makes her choreographies intuitively; she lets herself be guided by the music, though sometimes she looks for a conflict with the music. The movements seem to determine the count. I am always inclined to count to eight, but she can easily count up to 19, and then after a while switch to a new rhythm with a different count.

It always starts with the concept, to which Krisztina remains incredibly faithful. That means that she has to be strict about eliminating and make clear choices as to what she includes and what she leaves out. Leadership plays an important role: she knows what she wants and defines everything. She spends time discussing with her dancers, demonstrates moves to them and also lets the group look for material. Then everything is structured and counted out with the help of the repetiteur and an assistant.

As a choreographer Krisztina is not only involved with dance, but also with all the other aspects of the work: the decor, the costumes, all the links appear to be in her head from the beginning. After my observation internship with Krisztina, I have tried to start introducing rhythm changes into my work and to count beyond 8. I am also a lot stricter about eliminating movements and scenes, which create distracting background noise.

The Imperium Foundation also gives financial support to special projects and promising choreographers. In recent years the following projects, among others, were supported:

  • Setareh Fateh Irani, 2009 – scholarship
  • Rodrigo Andres Sobarzo, 2009 – scholarship
  • Vincent Riebeek / DanceWeb, 2010 – scholarship
  • Setareh Fateh Irani, 2010 – scholarship
  • Andrius Mulokas, 2010 – scholarship
  • White Horse, 2010 – contribution to a special version of the performance Trip en Masse for 50 dancers, commisioned for the manifestation ‘Nederland schreeuwt om cultuur’
  • Ibrahim Quraishi,m 2010 – contribution to the performance My private Himalaya
  • Cecilia Moisio, 2010 – contribution to the performance Hi! My Name Is…
  • Stichting ARDT, 2011 – scholarship
  • Krisztina’s Keuze, 2013
  • Hussein Khaddour, 2013 – contribution for participation in the Amsterdam Summer Intensive Workshop of the Dancing at the Edge Festival
  • Floortje Doeksen, 2013 – ITs Krisztina de Châtel Award
  • Kirvan Fortuin, 2013 – scholarship
  • Cecilia Moisio, 2014 – contribution to the performance L.O.V.E.
  • Louis Vanhaverbeke, 2014 – ITs Krisztina de Châtel Award
  • Mor Shani, 2016 – contribution for the project Jerusalem – a dancing exercise in awakening.
  • Kiyan Koshoye, 2016 – contribution for the solo Vilain
  • Sina Saberi en Rand Taha, 2017 – contribution for participating at the Amsterdam Summer Intensive Workshop of the Dancing in the Edge festival
  • Kat Valastur, 2017 – contribution to her choreography Renaissance

ITs Krisztina de Châtel Award
In the period 2013 – 2015, the Stichting Imperium supported the ITs Festival Amsterdam with the ITs Krisztina de Châtel Award. This prize, consisting of a € 4.500 money, was awarded to the most talented choreographer of the festival.

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Governing board
Klazien Brummel
Anita van Dolen
Cees de Graaff (chairman)
Arjen Pais