Muralis was a guest production for Het Muziektheater in Amsterdam. The starting point for this choreography is the String Quartet in C-Major by Franz Schubert. Through two versions of the same choreography, two different worlds are evoked as different contexts and different surroundings put romanticism into perspective. The two parts of the choreography thus acquire an entirely individual and opposite character.

The set is designed by Judith Lansink: a huge golden wall with a Baroque balcony diagonally placed dominates the first part. In the second part only the stripped wall remains.

A new climax in Krisztina de Châtel’s oeuvre. (Arnhemse Courant)

De Châtel reveals herself as a true scorpion with a poisonous tail. (Trouw)

Muralis, the new production by the forever searching choreographer Krisztina de Châtel, comes close to being a new masterpiece. Especially the second part, which is a silent repeat of the first, is impressive. (Utrechts Nieuwsblad)

premiere 9 November 1994, Het Muziektheater, Amsterdam
choreography Krisztina de Châtel
dance Ann Van den Broek, Cathy Dekker, Gilles den Hartog, Oerm Matern, Massimo Molinari, Michael Strecker, Paul Waarts
music Franz Schubert, String Quartet in C, D. 32
stagedesign Judith Lansink
light Bernd Wouthuysen
costumes Rien Bekkers
photography Ben van Duin