Ló – Hungarian for horse – is a choreography for seven dancers, seven horses and two projection screens. After having made more than 25 choreographies for the stage, Krisztina de Châtel made her first outdoor choreography in the summer of 1997, free from the constraints of the theatre.

Sand is the décor; the footprints which the dancers and the horses leave in the sand determine the spatial structure. Besides the overpowering use of nature, video images play an important role, leading to a confrontation between the dancers, the horses and the video images: a battle between nature and culture.

Ló is a must. The combination of elements (choreography, film, music, location and light) is wonderful and distinctive. (Algemeen Dagblad)

Ló’s success is partly due to the unusual location, but the grandeur of the production should be sought in Krisztina de Châtel’s never-ending creativity. (Brabants Dagblad)

A fascinating, balanced production with beautiful images and a suggestive use of space. (NRC Handelsblad)

premiere 26 July 1997, Zandgat, Groet
choreography Krisztina de Châtel
dance Ann Van den Broek, Jack Gallagher, Peter Kádár, Heike Kreutzer, Massimo Molinari, Natascha Siegertsz, Paul Waarts
horseriders Sabrina Commandeur, Lonneke Deerenberg, Harriet Duif, Marcel Flos, Ellen Geenjaar, Chantal Gelmers, Frans van Heugten, Riet van Heugten, Brenda Meijer, Mirna Ponsen
music The Chemical Brothers, The Orb, Ensemble Muzsikás
composiotion musictape Robert Bosch
videoprojections Quirine Racké
stagedesign Krisztina de Châtel, Quirine Racké
light Kees Knegjes
costumes Emmy Schouten
photography Ben van Duin