Scala, Krisztina de Châtel

War and conflict place people – particularly women – in difficult situations. Their natural disposition to seek connection and harmony is at odds with their longing for independence, freedom and self-preservation.

Scala is inspired by fighting spirit, solidarity and mutual support. This quest for balance in uncertain times is universally recognisable and concerns us all. In Scala five dancers relate to a 4.5 meter high staircase that starts wide and narrows towards the top. De Châtel designed the stairs for The Third Space, part of Dutch Dance Festival in 2018. The stairs also rotate and thus symbolize this unstable world. In their search for solid ground under their feet, the dancers sometimes have to show themselves combative, but they also find mutual support.

“It is wonderful how De Châtel works with opposites: man-machine, light-dark, sensitive-hard. The stairs are like weapons of war, once it has been set in motion there is no stopping it.” (Trouw)

It is typical De Châtel: assertive women, fully focused on performing minimalist patterns. It is also de Châtel today: inspired by spatial challenges, as well as social and geopolitical developments. (NRC)

premiere 5 February 2021, CaDance Festival, The Hague (Online)
choreography Krisztina de Châtel
composition J.S. Bach, Han Otten (Scala)
dancers Marina Bilterijst, Alina Fejzo, Alice Gioria, Martina Orlandi, Karolina Szymura, Federica Panariello, Julia Drittij (stagiaire)
rehearsal director Francesca Monti, Dries van der Post
scenography Theun Mosk | Ruimtetijd
lighting design Bernie van Velzen
realisation stair Marq Claessens en Florain Verheijen (2018)
realisation stage design Merijn Versnel | Ruimtetijd
costumes Min Li
photography Sjoerd Derine

The stair was made possible by the Dutch Dance Festival (2018)