Krisztina de Châtel in de studio

Balanced dance
Contrast, confrontation and especially space are important elements in Krisztina de Châtel’s work.

The result is a “coherent oeuvre of choreographies in which the effect of plus and minus sometimes seems to be cancelled out; a wonder of balanced dance”, writes critic Isabella Lanz in the anniversary book ‘Dwars door de ruimte’ (2001).

Overview of chorographies
Krisztina de Châtel has since 1977 made more than 70 choreographies and three dance films.

These pages contain information about De Châtel’s oeuvre. The titles of all her works are displayed in the right-hand column in chronological order starting with the most recent works.

Click on a title to see a photo and the description of the performance, the date of the premiere, the names of the dancers, names of other artistic contributors and quotes from reviews where available.

There is also a special archive website with more photos, videos and reviews. This archive is only available in Dutch.