Forgó is Hungarian for ‘turning’, a movement that reappears in several forms in the choreography.

Five dancers follow the diagonal bands of light that change direction as the choreography unfolds. This zigzag pattern is disrupted only once with a fitful solo by Krisztina de Châtel who charges head-on through the set and cuts through everything with milling arms. But this is not the only fiery element…

From time to time these turning themes give the whole an air of controlled elation. This is one of the reasons why Forgó – a flawless composition that is furthermore splendidly danced – is one of the most fascinating pieces to come out of modern dance in the last few years. (de Volkskrant)

It is an interaction of light and movement that is largely based on walking back and forth. It is based on a simple idea that is explored in depth without being overstated. There is a permanent tension. (Het Parool)

premiere 20 February 1982, Shaffy Theater, Amsterdam
choreography Krisztina de Châtel
dance Krisztina de Châtel, Marijke Huybregts, Toska ten Kate, Josje Neuman, Albert Jan van der Stel, Lilian Vos
music Warner van Es
stagedesign Menno Dieperink
light Johan Vonk
cotumes Marianne Strategier, Wilma Groot
photography Bob van Dantzig