This time it is not the décor but the music that plays an important role. Facetten, a choreography for seven dancers, features three sonatas for piano and violin by Beethoven. They are performed live.

De Châtel introduces an unprecedented degree of variation in the movements… Facetten is a grand work with a subtle and surprising composition. It mercilessly exposes man as a herd animal and as an individual, revealing the complexity of human emotions and reactions. (NRC Handelsblad)

Facetten is perhaps the most beautiful and in any case the most sensitive and open-hearted choreography that she has created since her début in 1976. (…) De Châtel wears her heart on her sleeve and even grants us a glimpse into it. Remmelt van Kleef built the décor with sloping rusty panels. Six rectangular windows let in bright natural light. During the performance these windows will slam shut with a hard blow like a guillotine, cruelly and irreversibly cutting off the last link to the outside world. (Trouw)

It had to be different apparently, looser (…) carelessly skipping hand in hand in the style of a court dance, sensually revolving around each other, or balancing on one leg for minutes on end as though performing an advanced yoga exercise. (de Volkskrant)

premiere 27 January 1994, Toneelschuur, Haarlem
choreography Krisztina de Châtel
dance Pieter-Paul Blok, Ann Van den Broek, Cathy Dekker, Oerm Matern, Michael Strecker, Paula Vasconcelos
music Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonate nr. 7 in c for violin and piano opus 30 nr. 2: part 1, (Allegro con brio) part 2, (Adagio cantabile) part 3, (Scherzo-Allegro), Sonate nr. 9 in A for violin and piano opus 47: part 1, (Adagio sostenuto-Presto) part 2, (Andante con Variazioni) part 3, (Finale-Presto), Sonate nr. 10 for violin and piano in G opus 96: part 2, (Adagio espressivo) part 3, (Scherzo-Allegro)
live performance Bernd Brackman (piano), Rudolf Nottrot (violin)
stagedesign Remmelt van Kleef
light Peter Romkema
costumes Andrea Blotkamp
photography Ben van Duin