De Châtel Award

De Chatel Award

During the Dutch Dance Festival Gala on 12 October, the De Châtel Award was for the first time presented. Florentina Holzinger received this special award, which is an initiative of the Imperium Foundation, from Krisztina de Châtel herself. To mark de Châtel’s 75th birthday, the choreographer designated the winner herself.

De Châtel Award
The Imperium Foundation regularly provides financial and artistic support to unconventional young dancers and choreographers, partly through awards. Launched in 2001, the Mirjam Bos Award was presented in honour of late choreographer Mirjam Bos and aimed at people who added unique value to the world of dance. The award later became known as the ITs Krisztina de Châtel Award for the best graduate choreographer from a Dutch dance training. Imperium relaunched the award in a new form in 2018, this time as the De Châtel Award. To mark de Châtel’s 75th birthday, Imperium granted her wish to designate the winner herself, without the board.

Florentina Holzinger
Throughout her career, Krisztina de Châtel has shown interest in the new approaches of young choreographers and has found ways to stimulate talent. She says that she looks for boldness, individuality and courage. Last season de Châtel was extremely impressed by Florentina Holzinger’s performance Apollon Musagète. De Châtel commented on this performance and her choice:

“Six naked female dancers carry out physical activities that are strongly determined by a highly effective stage set: a large inflatable cushion on which a bull is in constant movement. As they interact with the bull, the cushion, hanging ropes and treadmills, the dancers are in constant motion which results in a very explicit and layered theatrical performance. The combination of horror and irony highlight this choreographer’s versatility. And yes: it is radical and transcends certain boundaries. As we know, Florentina’s performances often feature penetration and naked bodies, but this time it is the visual element in particular that makes the performance so powerful. Florentina’s work is gutsy, courageous and crosses boundaries and I want to encourage her to keep making what she wants. I only wish that more theatres would have the courage to show her performance.”

10.000 euro
As in much of de Châtel’s own work, the De Châtel Award also focuses on collaboration between choreographers and visual artists. The award includes a prize of € 10,000. Half of this sum goes to the winner, while the other half goes to a visual artist who is to be designated by the winner. The winner will also contribute to the Dutch Dance Festival 2019.