For Change Krisztina de Châtel worked with computer and lighting artist Peter Struycken. He designed a lighting plan with six light circles. Just as the music and the choreography were divided in three parts, the lighting plan also consisted of three components. Part one used monochrome colours, the second part focussed on symmetrical colour patterns, while the last part was dominated by extreme changes of rhythm and colour.

The broad nature of this lighting concept led de Châtel to make a dynamic and lively choreography, in which the bright colour scheme gives the whole a fairy-like atmosphere.

It is a visualisation of the essence of life: changes, shifts, at times vehement, at times minimal, but always progressing and drawing from a seemingly bottomless source of energy. (NRC Handelsblad)

I would readily have gone back straight away to see the whole dance piece again. As far as I am concerned it could have gone on for hours. (Trouw)

The volcano De Châtel erupts. (de Volkskrant)

premiere 24 March 1988, Toneelschuur, Haarlem
choreography Krisztina de Châtel
dance Janine Dijkmeijer, Juliette van Ingen, Peter van de Logt, Oerm Matern, Karin Post, Dries van der Post
music David Borden – Double Portrait, The Continuing Story of Counterpoint, Part II
stagedesign/light Peter Struycken
costumes Nelly van de Velden
photography Charlot Wissing