An extraordinary dance performance on location, in which firemen and their vehicles confront six female professional dancers. Men vs. women, human vs. machine. This unusual encounter exposes feelings of safety and vulnerability. Beauty, power and machines engage in an exciting physical dialogue.

The starting point for the choreography are the routines and daily activities of the fire brigade. Fire! reveals the poetry of these movements, but also the rigorous organization and precision that are required and that can be compared to the principles of dance. De Châtel is fascinated by the physical skill of the firemen and the incredible physical exertion needed to extinguish a fire.

Krisztina de Châtel created in 2010 for the Monaco Dance Forum in cooperation with the Monaco fire brigade the performance La Danse Des Sapeurs Pompiers. The overwhelming success of the performance prompted her to transfer the concept to a number of Dutch cities where she will work with local fire brigades.

premiere 7 September 2013, Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam
choreography Krisztina de Châtel
dance Barbora Brezinova, Pauline Briguet, Lisa van de Broeck, Alina Fejzo, Martina Orlandi, Shay Partush
music Giocchino Rossini, bewerking Han Otten
costumes Edith Ordelman
rehearsal director Juliette van Ingen
assistant choreography Andreas Kuck, Francesca Monti
photography Sigel Eschkol