The Third Space:
Exhibition and Installation


Krisztina de Châtel: My choreographic work focuses on ‘making space alive’ and ‘experiencing space in a different way than it naturally appears’. Dance can – and should – recreate space and show the changeability of the meaning of a space.”

By reconsidering seven of Krisztina de Châtel’s most emblematic works through the lens of spatial theory, specifically that of postmodern geographer Edward Soja, The Third Space aims to provide new insights into de Châtel’s unique artistic vision and choreographic oeuvre. With the addition of a new installation by de Châtel, created especially for this exhibition, The Third Space also aims to inspire new ways of thinking about the relationship between space and the body by proposing an alternative framework for its consideration.

Edward Soja’s Thirdspace is a conceptual reimagining of space that includes a Firstspace, Secondspace and Thirdspace. He describes Thirdspace as a creative recombination and extension of First- and Secondspace, or as the ‘process of restructuring two opposing categories to open new alternatives’. In writing Thirdspace, Soja set out to encourage new ways of thinking about the ‘meanings and significance of space’ as well as the general ‘spatiality of human life’. (1996, Cambridge: Blackwell, pp. intro)

The Third Space is an initiative of the Dutch Dance Festival dansMuseum in collaboration with Stichting De Châtel sur place, Bureau Europa platform for Architecture and Design, Maastricht University Masters’ programme Arts and Heritage, and the Maastricht Centre for Arts and Culture, Conservation and Heritage (MACCH).

The Third Space
9 September – 14 October 2018

Stephen Shropshire
Bureau Europa
Boschstraat 9
6211 AS Maastricht
Opening hours
Wednesday – Sunday,
12.00 – 17.00 hr

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