Krisztina de Châtel

Krisztina de Châtel

Hungarian-born choreographer Krisztina de Châtel has made around 70 choreographies and two dance films. She is driven by a rare urge for innovation, while remaining true to herself. She is open to new cultural developments and frequently seeks to collaborate with other artists. She has also initiated projects with new media and virtual space, skate boys, garbage men, dervishes and various other striking combinations.

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Thron, the successful piece from 1984 by the Dutch-Hungarian choreographer Krisztina de Châtel and the German artist VA Wölfl, has been repeated in 2017 and will return in 2018. Today’s audience has the chance to discover this first-class de Châtel choreography, a classic of Dutch modern dance, with a new cast of dancers.

“More than 30 years after its 1984 première, Krisztina de Châtel’s minimalist ballet Thron is still rock solid.” (NRC ★★★★★)

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Thirteen Images

Duet during Julidans

Thirteen Images From The Dark Land, the duet that Krisztina created in 2017 for the Maastricht-based SALLY Dance Company, will be performed on 5 July at 15:00 as part of Julidans in Theater Bellevue in Amsterdam. The duet with dancers Ivan Montis and Christiaan De Donder will again be accompanied by Ensemble 88. George Crumb’s composition will be conducted by Paul Pankert.

De Châtel draws on Crumb’s music to depict the journey of the human soul in thirteen images. Like the music, her dancers are at times devilish, aggressive and macabre, and at times subtle and tender. The Volkskrant (★★★★) wrote: “The dance concert Thirteen Images From The Dark Land is filled with screeching, grating and shrieking. As if flying insects are swarming in to announce a gathering storm.”

The duet will be shown as part of a double bill with We Are Nowhere Else by Stephen Shropshire.

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