Choreographic double bill by Krisztina de Châtel and Astrid Boons

Scala, Krisztina de Châtel

War and conflict place people – particularly women – in difficult situations. Their natural disposition to seek connection and harmony is at odds with their longing for independence, freedom and self-preservation.

Feminale, the choreographic double bill by Krisztina de Châtel and Astrid Boon, is inspired by fighting spirit, solidarity and mutual support. This quest for balance in uncertain times is universally recognisable and concerns us all. While the two works in Feminale explore the same theme, the choreographers offer their own, clearly recognisable interpretation. The performers are dancers who de Châtel previously worked with on the performance Thron. The VSCD jury wrote about them: “Though they seem identical, every dancer excels in her ability to contribute to the collective.”


Scala is a choreography by Krisztina de Châtel in which five dancers relate to a 4.5 meter high staircase that starts wide and narrows towards the top. De Châtel designed the stairs for The Third Space, part of Dutch Dance Festival in 2018.
In Scala, the stairs also rotate and thus symbolize this unstable world. In their search for solid ground under their feet, the dancers sometimes have to show themselves combative, but they also find mutual support.

“It is wonderful how De Châtel works with opposites: man-machine, light-dark, sensitive-hard. The stairs are like weapons of war, once it has been set in motion there is no stopping it.” (Trouw)


In Arise, Astrid Boons shows us the personal perspective in which the social and societal expectations imposed on women determine which ambitions are appropriate. Three dancers fight against strict physical boundaries that consist of nothing more than light. The bodies move intuitively and in search. They flow and congeal through space until they slowly reveal their strength and vulnerability.

“Boons has the ability to keep you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. Not in the least because of the ruthless and maniac approach, which is also very detailed and expressive.” (Trouw)

Arise, Astrid Boons

premiere 5 February 2021, CaDance Festival, The Hague (Online)
choreography Krisztina de Châtel, Astrid Boons
composition J.S. Bach, Han Otten (Scala), Miguelàngel Clerc Parada (Arise)
dancers Marina Bilterijst, Alina Fejzo, Alice Gioria, Martina Orlandi, Karolina Szymura, Federica Panariello, Julia Drittij (stagiaire)
rehearsal director Francesca Monti, Dries van der Post
idea and stair concept Krisztina de Châtel (2018)
scenography Theun Mosk | Ruimtetijd
lighting design Bernie van Velzen
dramaturgical advice Arise Eva Martinez
realisation stair Marq Claessens en Florain Verheijen (2018)
realisation stage design Merijn Versnel | Ruimtetijd
costumes Min Li
stage craft Mart Hielema
photography Sjoerd Derine

The stair was made possible by the Dutch Dance Festival (2018)

Tour dates

February 2021
04 DEN HAAG, CaDance – cancelled
16 AMSTERDAM, Theater Bellevue cancelled
17 AMSTERDAM,Theater Bellevue cancelled
19 NIJMEGEN, Lux cancelled
20 ROTTERDAM, TR Schouwburg cancelled
28 UTRECHT, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht cancelled

March 2021
04 GRONINGEN, SPOT Groningen cancelled
06 AMSTERDAM, ITA cancelled
09 HELMOND, Theater Speelhuis cancelled
10 HAARLEM, Toneelschuur cancelled
17 LEIDEN, Theater Ins Blau cancelled
19 ALKMAAR, TAQA Theater De Vest cancelled
27 EDE, Cultura Ede cancelled
30 TILBURG, Theaters Tilburg cancelled

April 2021
07 HEERLEN, Parkstad Limburg Theaters cancelled

May 2021

June 2021
15 HEERLEN, Parkstad Limburg Theaters

August 2021
28 AMSTERDAM, Theater Bellevue
29 AMSTERDAM, Theater Bellevue

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